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Its all starts with nagging, then a disruption and at last, a cry. God made us question ourselves constantly and thoroughly, we become sort of like - self questionnaires, whether we want this or not, we don't always desire this inner voice. It's what makes us cross through boundaries that were shut and sealed off to us. Some of us unfortunately become enraged "how can this happen, all I wanted was some peace and quiet" The strong ones among us recognize the reality of it, that the human being will always question their own direction, always being uncertain that this is the right path. In other words - we need to grow. But, my friends this can be enlightening as well as amazing. Because we have these thoughts and emotions, we can precisely always change and be different. If yesterday I wanted this, today I might want something else or more importantly, I need to want the same thing differently, on a deeper plane, there is more to sacrifice! Living this life with those…

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