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10/23/17 Recap of "One of US" on Netflix

The system is messed up, we know that! With the chassidim and the litvish. It's terrible, the lack of love, the abuse, the molestation. The Jail minded communities. But, instead of blaming "them". We can become not "them", by leading with example and courage. We don't have to be blamers, we can be fixers. There are plenty of Rabbis and great people who dedicate their lives to fixing these terrible problems, you and I can be one of them. I know the pain is great, and no one deserves this. Instead of blaming though, we can fix it. One person at a time. As long as you are blaming, you are part of the problem. Be someone who makes a difference instead of being the person who watched netflix, cries, gets angry and then goes to work the next day.

10/23/17 "Be yourself"

A Torah thought that has stuck with me for a long time goes something like this; most people know the reason we say our name/passuk at the end of shamonei esrei, is to remind us our names when we go up to heaven. The obvious question remains, even in our sleeps we know our names, it’s what we were called from day one. What changes when we go up? What happens differently? A beautiful answer I heard, which has real deepness to is, we go through life doing good deeds, no doubt. But, have we been our essence, or was it an image far from who we really are. In the next world, there is no lies, if we have strayed from ourselves we will literally forget who we are, as we haven’t live it for all our lives.

10/20/17 The Holy Shabbat

Friday is an interesting day of the Jewish week/calendar. It has this connection to the week, with the aspect of work, life and tons of errands. There is another connection to that of the holy Shabbat. Its part weekday and part Shabbat. At times our Fridays can be somewhat stressful as we must do both, do our weekday stuff as well as our Shabbos things. We should strive to combine the two, be on the move to your preparation but, also be aware of the restful state that we are about to enter. What would shabbos be if we entered with a stressful and down attitude. I bless you with a great Shabbat!

10/18/17 'The Robot Life"

Everyone’s life has started to take that normal curve, the holidays have just finished and we must do our regular schedule, each in their own path. There is something that can happen when we continue on to a regular day basis, it’s that we lose connection to life a little. We might become so preoccupied with life that we forget to feel it. This can have a drastic effect on Judaism. Spirituality needs soul, we mustn’t kill ours even a little. A recommendation, take a couple of minutes every day to shut the on button, sort of a meditation, let you thoughts go away from the daily life thoughts, work, relationships, kids, money, comfort. You will find this to be very helpful. Wishing you the best of peace.

10/13/17 "The High Holidays"

It’s an interesting note that the high holidays are before the long winter, as if to prepare us for the upcoming storm. We began with Rosh Hashana, a Godly holiday, dedicated to recognizing one above, who is our king and maker. Then we pass on to Yom Kippur; as all you know, a day of atonement, a day of reckoning! A day of us, and our future. Sukkot seals the deal with, a completion of the two, one side us and our ways, sy they be at business, marriage and friendships and the other side Hashem, and we attempt to combine the two. Hopefully bringing us to high joy that we can carry thoughout the winter. Good Shabbos!

10/3/2017 "Forms of Chesed"

I was thinking about “chesed”, and the concept of giving. I noticed there is two types of giving, one which is very common, and that is the "give and take" mentality. I give because I get. The Mishna in Avos considers such a person a middle man, nor evil nor good. There is another form of giving though, totally sacrificing what they want in order to fulfill someone needs or wants. Where, they don’t even show up in the picture at all. This is the form of giving which is great.  Have a great Chag!

"Finding Inner Truth"

Today, my mind was going off sync and I began wondering to a deeper though pattern in regards to all those people that left this world, specifically how they have accomplished all they needed and wanted to accomplish. They left complete, doing wondrous things and rising above their difficult obstacles. Of course this got me thinking, what is was, that I needed to accomplish. How am I supposed to mark my way, and is there a questionnaire that I should take online? Do I call 311? Where is this magical answer? It was then that I realized only after being forced to the wall, it’s going to boil down to the will to fulfill my unique task, that will that lies deep down and waits for inspiration of the heart. All I need to do is reveal what was hidden inside. Easy Task? Hmm?