10/23/17 Recap of "One of US" on Netflix

The system is messed up, we know that! With the chassidim and the litvish. It's terrible, the lack of love, the abuse, the molestation. The Jail minded communities. But, instead of blaming "them". We can become not "them", by leading with example and courage. We don't have to be blamers, we can be fixers. There are plenty of Rabbis and great people who dedicate their lives to fixing these terrible problems, you and I can be one of them. I know the pain is great, and no one deserves this. Instead of blaming though, we can fix it. One person at a time. As long as you are blaming, you are part of the problem. Be someone who makes a difference instead of being the person who watched netflix, cries, gets angry and then goes to work the next day.


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