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11/24/17 " Why Bad things happen to Good people"

Over and over I find that, those things that were thought to be bad, horrible and terrible turn out to be awesome, amazing and rewarding. Moshe Rabbainu had one question that he never got answered, something that bothered him till his passing. Why do bad things happen to good people?, we look at our lives and see the pain and suffering and we too look at our great deeds and we cannot make a math evaluation of it.  It’s really the deepness of creation, the balance between good and evil, why make us tick in traffic or down when hurt. Why?? So I will not try to answer the question but, I do know that a little faith in future and change can help us overcome our difficulties. Forget faith in Hashem, faith in it working out in the end. Let’s not harbor so much anger or hostility, our control is limited and our potential; endless. Good Shabbos!!

"Judaism is a choice"

I overheard a discussion today which reminded me of one of the core principles of Judaism. On one side, the discusser was stating that praying Marriv (evening prayer) while being in a ballgame is not allowed, and I believe this is an oxymoron. You see the thing about oxymorons, they are every day decisions, even as small as getting gas, because on one side you might need the gas while on the other you are busy driving. Almost all decisions have opposing views, which makes decision-making a very rare and valuable thing. The Torah way of life is not an exception to this, in fact it is even more emphasized. We have one side of us that wants to go to “ballgames” and other life desires, and on the other the spiritual commitments such as “marriv” and other Torah values. Saying you are not allowed to do both together, is like saying that we must not make choices in our spiritual life and go blindly through. Such a life is not only meaningless but, even Hashem says in the Torah -  “they do

11/13/2017 "A life of Anxiety?"

I was always perplexed by this idea, ever since I have seen it in the famous Sefer call Misolas Yisharim. It goes something like this, in the Author’s explanation for one of the deterrents of Servitude to God he is Fear/anxiety. One of the outcomes of laziness is fear, for fear comes only from laziness. I looked around the world to all those suffering from various forms of anxiety and I couldn’t just accept that is was only laziness that sends people to a fear ridden life. Through a little life experience, I am starting to believe more and more this idea. You see each person has choices, big and small. We choose to be fearful and choose not to be. Granted it is a very burdensome choice, yet still a choice. The detraction from choosing to be in fear at this very moment is its difficulty, without it we would make that decision rather quickly. Laziness is the only reason we don’t do tough and excruciating things. Study this and you might come to this conclusion. We must accept that s

11/7/2017 “The Winter Blues”

The weather has begun to change, and so has the ground and trees. Winter is an interesting time, as it has a sort of warmth to it, yet it can bring moody and depressive states. Looking at the effect winter has in the environment, you might be able to see how we can learn from it. Example would be, the cold helps the ground develop so the crops can grow towards the spring. It’s a healthy form of hibernating, so to speak to enable it to continuously produce year after year. We must also have such hibernation, get into the rote of things and settle down into our homes. A time to kind of reflect and be able to sulk in development and growth. Unfortunately others become broken at these times of year, appreciating this state of mind will in fact also have some benefits and rewards. So choose to either be gathered by people you love, with a warm hot coca talking holy and good things or sit in the corner wasting this time falling in a catch 22 hole only to emerge when it is “fun” and “adve

"Work and Spirituality"

The balance between work and Judaism is in fact a very tough dilemma, the reason being, work is in stark contrast with the Godliness. Such as, if you work too hard, the spiritual side will bleed, as well, if you dedicate your life to Jewish values and make it a core focus that too will affect your work level (and commitment). How are we supposed to go about this annoying conflict, either way we lose out! But my friends, the deeper you go, you will find something beautiful about this necessity of life. You see, if we would lose ourselves to our spiritual pursuits, we will lose the true deep connection to it. When you go deeply into a passionate idea or view, we loose perspective that enables us to continue to go after it with that same endearment. It is only when we walk away, do we get to reconnect with a true desirable connection. As the expression goes "if you love something (someone), you must let it free". This applies even to our dedication to work, “workaholics” a

"To Keep the Peace"

One of the phrases in this week’s Torah portion has an interesting yet fascinating point. When Sarah; the wife of Avraham, heard of the news that she will bear a child, as she was 90 and her husband 100, she (understandably) laughs at the thought. She says “I will bear a child when I am old?”, the Commentaries explain in this statement, that originally she said “my husband who is old”, and the Torah switched it, in order to keep the peace. When you take a second look, you see a profound idea. This happened many years before the Torah was written yet we are protecting the peace by switching the phrase, for who? Avraham and Sarah are long passed away, who are we protecting? A possible explanation could be, only because we are reading this as an example of how we should live, we need to know right from wrong. Hashem will even switch the truth, to keep our households from losing the blessing of peace. Peace is more important than integrity, peace surpassing the black and white; truth and