11/13/2017 "A life of Anxiety?"

I was always perplexed by this idea, ever since I have seen it in the famous Sefer call Misolas Yisharim. It goes something like this, in the Author’s explanation for one of the deterrents of Servitude to God he is Fear/anxiety. One of the outcomes of laziness is fear, for fear comes only from laziness. I looked around the world to all those suffering from various forms of anxiety and I couldn’t just accept that is was only laziness that sends people to a fear ridden life. Through a little life experience, I am starting to believe more and more this idea. You see each person has choices, big and small. We choose to be fearful and choose not to be. Granted it is a very burdensome choice, yet still a choice. The detraction from choosing to be in fear at this very moment is its difficulty, without it we would make that decision rather quickly. Laziness is the only reason we don’t do tough and excruciating things. Study this and you might come to this conclusion. We must accept that something simple as laziness can make us live a life of fear.


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