"Judaism is a choice"

I overheard a discussion today which reminded me of one of the core principles of Judaism. On one side, the discusser was stating that praying Marriv (evening prayer) while being in a ballgame is not allowed, and I believe this is an oxymoron.
You see the thing about oxymorons, they are every day decisions, even as small as getting gas, because on one side you might need the gas while on the other you are busy driving. Almost all decisions have opposing views, which makes decision-making a very rare and valuable thing. The Torah way of life is not an exception to this, in fact it is even more emphasized. We have one side of us that wants to go to “ballgames” and other life desires, and on the other the spiritual commitments such as “marriv” and other Torah values. Saying you are not allowed to do both together, is like saying that we must not make choices in our spiritual life and go blindly through. Such a life is not only meaningless but, even Hashem says in the Torah -  “they do the Mitzvos but, their hearts are nowhere close to me”. If we continue to ignore both sides of us, we will end up doing in one single act;, both motives one being spiritual and one being non-spiritual. The important thing to remember is that we continue to make those decisions thousands of times a day, some being victorious and some just being not that.

 I am not creating an excuse for you, all I am saying is to be aware of the decision. Don’t bother me if you give way to the non-spiritual side and end up sinning, because that is all on you! 


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