"To Keep the Peace"

One of the phrases in this week’s Torah portion has an interesting yet fascinating point. When Sarah; the wife of Avraham, heard of the news that she will bear a child, as she was 90 and her husband 100, she (understandably) laughs at the thought. She says “I will bear a child when I am old?”, the Commentaries explain in this statement, that originally she said “my husband who is old”, and the Torah switched it, in order to keep the peace. When you take a second look, you see a profound idea. This happened many years before the Torah was written yet we are protecting the peace by switching the phrase, for who? Avraham and Sarah are long passed away, who are we protecting? A possible explanation could be, only because we are reading this as an example of how we should live, we need to know right from wrong. Hashem will even switch the truth, to keep our households from losing the blessing of peace. Peace is more important than integrity, peace surpassing the black and white; truth and lies. It is only with peace that Mashiach and Redemption will come.

Good Shabbos!


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