11/24/17 " Why Bad things happen to Good people"

Over and over I find that, those things that were thought to be bad, horrible and terrible turn out to be awesome, amazing and rewarding. Moshe Rabbainu had one question that he never got answered, something that bothered him till his passing. Why do bad things happen to good people?, we look at our lives and see the pain and suffering and we too look at our great deeds and we cannot make a math evaluation of it.
 It’s really the deepness of creation, the balance between good and evil, why make us tick in traffic or down when hurt. Why?? So I will not try to answer the question but, I do know that a little faith in future and change can help us overcome our difficulties. Forget faith in Hashem, faith in it working out in the end. Let’s not harbor so much anger or hostility, our control is limited and our potential; endless.

Good Shabbos!!


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