"Work and Spirituality"

The balance between work and Judaism is in fact a very tough dilemma, the reason being, work is in stark contrast with the Godliness. Such as, if you work too hard, the spiritual side will bleed, as well, if you dedicate your life to Jewish values and make it a core focus that too will affect your work level (and commitment). How are we supposed to go about this annoying conflict, either way we lose out! But my friends, the deeper you go, you will find something beautiful about this necessity of life. You see, if we would lose ourselves to our spiritual pursuits, we will lose the true deep connection to it. When you go deeply into a passionate idea or view, we loose perspective that enables us to continue to go after it with that same endearment. It is only when we walk away, do we get to reconnect with a true desirable connection. As the expression goes "if you love something (someone), you must let it free". This applies even to our dedication to work, “workaholics” are terrible workers, they are stuck in it, only when we let go of our work, can we reconnect to it with a sort of enthusiasm. 

Yom Tov!


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