11/7/2017 “The Winter Blues”

The weather has begun to change, and so has the ground and trees. Winter is an interesting time, as it has a sort of warmth to it, yet it can bring moody and depressive states. Looking at the effect winter has in the environment, you might be able to see how we can learn from it. Example would be, the cold helps the ground develop so the crops can grow towards the spring. It’s a healthy form of hibernating, so to speak to enable it to continuously produce year after year. We must also have such hibernation, get into the rote of things and settle down into our homes. A time to kind of reflect and be able to sulk in development and growth. Unfortunately others become broken at these times of year, appreciating this state of mind will in fact also have some benefits and rewards. So choose to either be gathered by people you love, with a warm hot coca talking holy and good things or sit in the corner wasting this time falling in a catch 22 hole only to emerge when it is “fun” and “adventurous.

Choose Life!


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