"The passing of a Great (Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman)"

I only met him once, it was my first year in Israel. I remember him sitting by the his shtender, as this group of people lined up. Seeing somebody who is so well known was just shocking to me, well he was just there, plain and simple. He was sweet and kind, he answered my questions with a sort of smile and warmness, as if he didn't do this all day. Rabbi Shtienmen is a loss, not just because of his knowledge but of who he was, his unifying brilliance yet his understanding of the simple "generational problems". He was one of the last from the "old country", yet he related to the young and old in 2017. A loss indeed. I had a question concerning which yeshiva shall I go to, to which I followed his answer and  was indeed very successful. I remember walking away and kind of letting go of the upsetting nature of the extremeness in the "charedi world" because he was clearly pure and warm.

Happy Chanukka!


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