"To Refocus"

I had a conversation with a friend which resulted in some insight into our generational struggles. It started with the discussion of technology, becoming an addictive nature and the impact it is having on our lives. What has it done to us and how can we use without becoming different and in-complacent. I guess "focus" would be the correct way of describing the disturbance I have from the constant usage of it. Well how important is focus you may ask?
When you for example go to work, sit and do you due diligence in the mainframe of effort and brainpower to fulfill your Bosses wishes and desires, seems a bit strenuous.Work by defenitiion is work! What if we didn't have enough focus on work, how would that effect our lives? If 9-5 was the worst part of you day. You see then life begins to become a drag, for in your hands and feet you are working but, in your mind you have completely lost touch with that (being on the phone etc). So when you go home, all you have in your day was a drag and a disappointment, yet you will go back to work because we must. And so begins the cycle of the weakening of focus, your days will be long and nights full of addiction. How do we stop this vicious cycle in this day-in-age? Is it even possible to against the current? Well I think you can, with enough energy you refocus even with all the distractions, and feel the true fulfillment in your life. Hashem will be there for you but, you must have some sort of commitment to be open to accept it.

Good Shabbos!!

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