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Moshe, was our leader, our spiritual guide and even our pathway to connection to God. That was Moshe, who are we in the God equation. Are we nothing without the holy people out there, are we now lacking truth? I am not denying the necessity of a leader but, we must focus on us, how can we be better. It's interesting when you equate a leader to a guide, a guide is someone who doesn't give the experience, doesn't even tell you anything other then direction. "We" must walk, we must experience, we must work. The guide will give us some course direction but, it's us who do it all. Faith in God will not come from people outside of ourselves, only we can rely and connect to Hashem. The leaders will do there part in giving us the road-map although we must take the journey. Have a great week!

"Love and other things"

My Rebbe once told me, all problems can be boiled down to lack of love. I never understood him, being that there are all different type of mental issues with thousands of books and research written about it. How can it all be just one thing? You mean to tell me, every time a person is troubled they can ultimately attribute it to love or lack of thereof. As I go on with life, it becomes more and more clear that love is what people crave more than anything. "Social media" is just another way of searching for that love. What is love and why is it so important? Love is our deep essence, it isn't just an emotion or feeling, it's the deep place inside of us which identifies us. The more we lack it, the more every turn will become difficult. It's important to remember though, that searching for love is not always the way. Maybe just being with yourself can do so much for self-love and hopefully loving others.