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"Motzei Shabbos"

Motzei Shabbos What a delightful time, it's not weekday and it's not Shabbos; it's Motzei Shabbos. It's a kind of sad and tranquil time, the week hasn't got down our backs yet the restful time is behind us. What do we do with such a time, how do we benefit from this moment every week. It's a time of Bracha and a time of commitment. In-between one commitment and another is the best time to refocus our aspirations. Maybe it's our diet or even maybe the spiritual surroundings of our week. Each one has his or her thing that can be delved on in this "hitbodadut" time. We can imagine it and ultimately be it. Use that powerful tool of imagination, let the imagery flow to where you want to be, appreciate where you are but, view the future in a hourglass in time, put some Torah sprinkles in there, throw a email a day of goodness. If you are going to like a facebook page on how to make spaghetti in a 100 ways, also like a spiritually motivating

"Florida Massacre"

It's hard to make sense of it all. It's just hard to understand the scope of such an event. The various news outlets spend their days focusing on the necessary blame, which actions we should have took and who is most responsible. Let's refocus a little and just learn from this how to be better, and not where to place our guilt. It would keep the memory of those who were lost; alive. This weeks Torah portion is regarding the temple building and the architectures of the structure. Lots of detail, ink is spilled over and over regarding the temple, in fact I would say 1/4 of the Torah is in regards to the Beis Hamikdash. It's a thought that needs developing, I just wanted to point it out. May you have a blessed Shabbos!