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"Passover/Pesach 2018"

Pesach 2018 "From slavery to freedom", is the common thought behind this holiday. So that's it? Just one single event is enough to have this celebration year after year? One day; possibly. Seven days? What is the significance behind this yom tov, what are we really reflecting? It's personal to each one of us, it's a kinda "personal exodus". Since we never had been slaves, how can we relate, in what aspect is this still going on in our lives? Each person has a past, a development of stages to ultimately where he or she is now. This "past" has an aspect of slavery. Trauma is slavery. Pain is slavery. Divorce is slavery. Loneliness is slavery. Sickness is slavery. Addiction is slavery. We have in certain ways been freed of some of these aspects. So why revisit? Why look back, if we can just move on. The lesson of Pesach is that moving on is revisiting the past. If you know how you got to where you are, you will know how to continu

"Erev Shabbos"

We all do some sort of work on Erev Shabbos, the children head to school, yet there is a sense of upcoming tranquility that will arrive at a moments notice. The day goes a little slower than the rest of the week. It's a divider between rest and work. Spirituality speaking, this aspect has one of the most profound benefits to human growth. The border between ourselves and the world around us has to be thick and strong. I would even go as far as to say, the greater the individual the stronger this wall is. It takes a deep understanding into the acquiring of all of life's offerings, not getting stuck at each point of the day. To flow from marriage to friends and then back around to being their for ones self, then off to work and then hopefully towards Hashem, our source. This lifestyle must be learned, must be lived and acquired. This is Maturity and Spirituality. This is happiness and growth. If you want to have a path to Hashem, make sure it is clean from other paths in your

"Intellectually emotional"

An emotional world we live in, this we know. Attuned to the deepest of wounds and the slightness of hurt. Most will look at it, as just a bad thing, something that makes us weaker than the previous generation. Let’s take a more precise look at our sensitivity. Say we didn’t follow through our feelings, let our mind be most of our day and most of our lives. It’s a pretty dry place, there is little vitality and less focus. Yet to lead a more meaningful life we must be more mindful and thoughtful. As opposed to delving into our hurt and happiness, meeting countless therapist to work their magic to fix our inner turmoil. I am coming and saying that this may be a good thing, for we care, we want the feelings to be as much a part of our life as our through intellect. It’s great to have the heart be a player in our life, a player in our day. Let’s not forget that without the mind, the heart is just an emotion machine with zero guidance and discipline which can result in opposite desired