"Erev Shabbos"

We all do some sort of work on Erev Shabbos, the children head to school, yet there is a sense of upcoming tranquility that will arrive at a moments notice. The day goes a little slower than the rest of the week. It's a divider between rest and work. Spirituality speaking, this aspect has one of the most profound benefits to human growth. The border between ourselves and the world around us has to be thick and strong. I would even go as far as to say, the greater the individual the stronger this wall is. It takes a deep understanding into the acquiring of all of life's offerings, not getting stuck at each point of the day. To flow from marriage to friends and then back around to being their for ones self, then off to work and then hopefully towards Hashem, our source. This lifestyle must be learned, must be lived and acquired. This is Maturity and Spirituality. This is happiness and growth. If you want to have a path to Hashem, make sure it is clean from other paths in your life.

Good Shabbos!


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