"Intellectually emotional"

An emotional world we live in, this we know. Attuned to the deepest of wounds and the slightness of hurt. Most will look at it, as just a bad thing, something that makes us weaker than the previous generation. Let’s take a more precise look at our sensitivity. Say we didn’t follow through our feelings, let our mind be most of our day and most of our lives. It’s a pretty dry place, there is little vitality and less focus. Yet to lead a more meaningful life we must be more mindful and thoughtful. As opposed to delving into our hurt and happiness, meeting countless therapist to work their magic to fix our inner turmoil. I am coming and saying that this may be a good thing, for we care, we want the feelings to be as much a part of our life as our through intellect. It’s great to have the heart be a player in our life, a player in our day. Let’s not forget that without the mind, the heart is just an emotion machine with zero guidance and discipline which can result in opposite desired effects. Bring the mind as the dominate and controlling aspect in your life, of course don’t shut off the heart, for that is a very important part of you. But, we don’t wake up because we always want to, we do it because we choose to, whether or not the heart shows up. Take back control knowing that that too much heart will keep us from pursuing a meaningful life and too little will make it less meaningful.

Have a great week!


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