"Passover/Pesach 2018"

Pesach 2018

"From slavery to freedom", is the common thought behind this holiday. So that's it? Just one single event is enough to have this celebration year after year? One day; possibly. Seven days? What is the significance behind this yom tov, what are we really reflecting?

It's personal to each one of us, it's a kinda "personal exodus". Since we never had been slaves, how can we relate, in what aspect is this still going on in our lives?

Each person has a past, a development of stages to ultimately where he or she is now. This "past" has an aspect of slavery. Trauma is slavery. Pain is slavery. Divorce is slavery. Loneliness is slavery. Sickness is slavery. Addiction is slavery.
We have in certain ways been freed of some of these aspects.
So why revisit? Why look back, if we can just move on.

The lesson of Pesach is that moving on is revisiting the past.

If you know how you got to where you are, you will know how to continue. I will give you an example, say you are on interstate 95 heading east, when suddenly realize this is not the correct direction. How will you handle such a problem? If you just say well, I know I need to be in Orlando by tommorow, Erev Pesach, this will not help. You would need to revisit the past couple of turns to understand how you are lost and then your path to your future/florida will be clear for you. Don't Move on! Go back, how were you freed from these burdens, who did it for you? Was it possibly Hashem? Did he have incredible mercy on you and untangle the "untangelable" knots? Develop Amuna in remembering more than believing, remember when you were in the foxhole and cried out to Hashem. And he answered. Make Pesach your story!

Have a Great Pesach!!!


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