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"The Spies"

The Meriaglim/spies is an episode that is very difficult to understand, it’s that small negativity which shadowed great doubt on the Jews till this day. What was so bad to cause such harm? What did they do really? Because of a bad word, we continue to realize this great sin. We must understand the underlining problem with this sin. The roots of it must be understood as well. What does it take to bring a person to cast doubt or negativity on others. Inside himself there is own weakness, a belief that they are not whole, that they are not complete. God in is his glory keeps on valuing us at the highest of esteem and we go against that, despite Hashem, despite the Torah. How dare we rebel on Hashem’s view of us, is it not Hashem himself who is the only one who gets to value his subjects, we are not of stature to value ourselves, yet the spies didn’t have the view to completion, so when even just entering the holy land they brought that negativity, and brought it back and convinced all of