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Tisha Ba’av 2018

Tisha ba’av 2018   How will we be consoled; how will we move on from this sad time. We sat on floors hungry and tired with an overwhelming sadness of things we experienced and lost, so I ask you again, how will you find the strength to move on? Comfort can be found in the true purpose of the pain itself. Pain for its own, is just pain. Yet pain to reexperience our meaning of life, well that my friend is holy pain. Year after year we remind ourselves of terrible things, which shake us to the core. We sit and read the atrocities that the Jewish nation had to endure, tears roll down at the excitement of the events. Although we should not carry this burden every day, we take time to shatter our day now we must find the meaning to move on. It is when we are in the deepest place of tragedy we find something magical, something Godly. A spark that shines so bright, only because the room is so very dark. Let go of the covers of glow the world has to offer, find a true meaning of man. Su

"Selfish and Judaism"

It’s unfortunate that we are in this predicament to have the need to discuss a basic human component. The world is fighting the identity of an individual, I don’t want to give examples but, it’s clear by anyone to identify the identity crisis. This is fundamental that needs to be clear because if not then when you discuss Judaism then we can get confused in simple words such as “Selfish”. First and foremost, we must understand who we are; a body and soul, mind and heart. Then we must commit to it; even if you must get to work. Then if you are lucky, to embrace it; care and love in all. Only then will the Torah tell you to care for a fellow man. Mistaking the Torahs values for a broken human is not Judaism, it’s stupidity and true selfishness. God should not have to command you to care for yourself, it should be self-evident. I’ll give you an example to illustrate. Imagine a boss, a CEO if you like, he gets up one day to rededicate the focuses of his company. He has category’s and


Funny word, isn’t it. Spirituality is a wide used word, used in a variety of religions and even those opposed to religion. The reason that it’s always associated with Hashem, is because its roots (the word spirituality) lay in the holy and pure Neshama. Deep inside the mind of every person is an awareness of a deeper dimension within themselves, doctors will not be able to operate on such things yet, it is a knowledge bearing might, as strong as the knowledge or our existence in general. I know I am getting to deep place but, bear with me here. If there is an actual deeper sense to ourselves wouldn’t it be a shame if we don’t live with it. It’s like having two arms and only believing that one works while the other remains idle, it’s there waiting to be used, so why not use it. The pure soul, can help at work or it can help you at home. It’s a thing that is deeper than the superficial pleasures of luxury items and fancy vacations. It’s a reality much like the sky and earth, an