"Selfish and Judaism"

It’s unfortunate that we are in this predicament to have the need to discuss a basic human component. The world is fighting the identity of an individual, I don’t want to give examples but, it’s clear by anyone to identify the identity crisis. This is fundamental that needs to be clear because if not then when you discuss Judaism then we can get confused in simple words such as “Selfish”. First and foremost, we must understand who we are; a body and soul, mind and heart. Then we must commit to it; even if you must get to work. Then if you are lucky, to embrace it; care and love in all. Only then will the Torah tell you to care for a fellow man. Mistaking the Torahs values for a broken human is not Judaism, it’s stupidity and true selfishness. God should not have to command you to care for yourself, it should be self-evident. I’ll give you an example to illustrate. Imagine a boss, a CEO if you like, he gets up one day to rededicate the focuses of his company. He has category’s and sub category’s that he would like of his employees. The day after, he sees and employee with his eyes closed for an extended period, he taps him on the shoulder and questions his use of time at work. His employee defended himself by saying, well the rules never said anything about keeping your eyes opened. As foolish as this sounds, it’s the same way with us. We shouldn’t need God to tell us we are the center of our lives. WE ARE THE CENTER OF OUR LIVES.

Good Shabbos!!

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