Tisha Ba’av 2018

Tisha ba’av 2018
How will we be consoled; how will we move on from this sad time. We sat on floors hungry and tired with an overwhelming sadness of things we experienced and lost, so I ask you again, how will you find the strength to move on?
Comfort can be found in the true purpose of the pain itself. Pain for its own, is just pain. Yet pain to reexperience our meaning of life, well that my friend is holy pain. Year after year we remind ourselves of terrible things, which shake us to the core. We sit and read the atrocities that the Jewish nation had to endure, tears roll down at the excitement of the events. Although we should not carry this burden every day, we take time to shatter our day now we must find the meaning to move on. It is when we are in the deepest place of tragedy we find something magical, something Godly. A spark that shines so bright, only because the room is so very dark. Let go of the covers of glow the world has to offer, find a true meaning of man. Sustain yourself with Hashem. Let him become the bearer of this tremendous burden. Let him enter now that we saw the devastation. Comfort yourself by knowing that he was always there, and he sure is now. As Rabbi Akiva laughed when he saw a fox on the temple mount knowing that through the pain, and because of the pain, The bais hamishkash has the sparks to glow again.

May it become true in our days!

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