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Haha, what a great word, trillions of dollars get spent on the idea, Hollywood has re-framed the definition for good, as we know it. So many people, have so many different perspectives on the translation. Well I would like to go a little deeper into the realm of it and more so what it’s not. I am not going to send you on a cliché’ drain and tell you what all those innovative thinkers have told you. Rather let’s follow our own life’s path. A child views love from a certain perspective, if there is someone around they feel something of existent love in them and that there are those who care for them. This perspective will not work on a functioning adult, as we find many lonely people living in some very busy cities. What changed, for a child just being there was enough yet, as an adult this is not adequate to place a banner of love. How about Hashem, does he love you? Does he show up exactly when you need him? If yes, then I want a Brocha but, for the rest of us, he is not al