Haha, what a great word, trillions of dollars get spent on the idea, Hollywood has re-framed the definition for good, as we know it. So many people, have so many different perspectives on the translation.
Well I would like to go a little deeper into the realm of it and more so what it’s not. I am not going to send you on a cliché’ drain and tell you what all those innovative thinkers have told you. Rather let’s follow our own life’s path. A child views love from a certain perspective, if there is someone around they feel something of existent love in them and that there are those who care for them. This perspective will not work on a functioning adult, as we find many lonely people living in some very busy cities. What changed, for a child just being there was enough yet, as an adult this is not adequate to place a banner of love.
How about Hashem, does he love you? Does he show up exactly when you need him? If yes, then I want a Brocha but, for the rest of us, he is not always “there”. How could Hashem love us yet not be there at some of our toughest times? Some uneducated people might tell you, of course Hashem is there. That is not my point, in our perspective he is not “there”. Does he love us or not? The same reason that someone on a packed subway could be lonely, Hashem can love us by not being there. Love is not a game where when things are up there being love, yet when thing are down, there is lack of love. Love at its deepness is not a demonstration of something, it’s a spark in the heart of the lover. Will Hashem be there at all your toughest times, No. But, Hashem’s heart is exploding with love for you and me. We can discuss why Hashem does things; another time.

The people in the packed subways have no feeling for the lonely guy aboard. They won’t even attend his funeral. He knows that and therefore realizes that this is not enough love. His friend who might be in China who he hasn’t seen in 10 years loves him and thinks about him and wants only the best for him. China is where he must be but, his heart is in many places. Hashem is in Shamayim, this is where he is, that does not diminish the true and blissful love he has for you and me.
Good Shabbos!

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