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"Yom Kippur 2018"

Lets us escapade I-95 In a caddilac escilade Ups the gear Without a fear Grabs last sip of beer The music is all we hear The weather real cold A rainy day unfold What he doesnt knoww Swerve he goes Smooth he thought control he fought With all his very might Sweat on his fore head Flash flash his life unsaid Lost the fight Digitally dead Lila tov Time for bed Awaitss The jury of pairs So pull up chairs We"ll be here years What have you don right Says the judge Did you serve with a fight Or did u hold a grudge Is the deed you have done Greater than the evil you slumbed The lawyers think your that The president sit for a chat The people love you But, your creator's relationship was thru From the second that money flew The judge with a face of disgust This reality is enough A total blufff As the gravel raises high He looked up to the skyy was he about to die Get him out of here Says the black angel He pursued money for years In