"Yom Kippur 2018"

Lets us escapade
In a caddilac escilade
Ups the gear
Without a fear
Grabs last sip of beer
The music is all we hear

The weather real cold
A rainy day unfold
What he doesnt knoww
Swerve he goes
Smooth he thought
control he fought
With all his very might
Sweat on his fore head
Flash flash his life unsaid
Lost the fight
Digitally dead
Lila tov
Time for bed
The jury of pairs
So pull up chairs
We"ll be here years
What have you don right
Says the judge
Did you serve with a fight
Or did u hold a grudge
Is the deed you have done
Greater than the evil you slumbed
The lawyers think your that
The president sit for a chat
The people love you
But, your creator's relationship was
From the second that money flew
The judge with a face of disgust
This reality is enough
A total blufff
As the gravel raises high
He looked up to the skyy
was he about to die
Get him out of here
Says the black angel
He pursued money for years
In my angle
Lechaim to you ...cheers
For torah on his dime
Time was not fine
Let him wiiine
In hell
Thats where he goes
Care for hashem he didn't show
Wasted all gifts
On worthless gifts
His busy life fits
Evil misfits
The car slids off the roAd
As the last moments unload
Bloody from head to toe
What your life has lead
The end is whats next
Wait says the white angel
The judge puts down the graavel
He helped an almana who wansnt able
He put food on the poorz table
Cash he threw
to Torah institute
A second chance enable
What will the familys do
It was decided
His time was still stable
Paramedic work and work
About to give up
They see a smirk
Once again his pulse
Beats without stop
He is alive they scream
He has made it seem
As a miracle indeed
Mr. Escalde rejoined
Only this time he rejoiced
His life a righteous way
Trust me and watch him pray
The example portrayed
Is an excellent way
To show our existence
Of our essence

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