When I press a simple key on the keyboard I begin to wonder, do I have control?
Am I solely responsible for causing this to happen, is there other factors at play as well? Let’s break it down, the first thing to happen when I type a letter in a keyboard, is a function in my brain, and even before that; the development of decision to type at all.

For example, I want to write my shopping list down. Before even understanding how I am going to write it down, I need to understand what made me come up with the need to have a shopping list, generally speaking I want to remember what I need to shop for, For example I have a lot of items for the house that need remembering, so I don’t forget. Even before that, what caused me to forget. My brain! what caused me to have a brain, to have these functions to build to an idea to protect me, to not forget my shopping items, what caused my heart to bother to care if I have all the items I need from the store. My brain must signal my fingers to connect to the keyboard and connect to a database of “how to type” Once I do get to press a key, is that what types? In fact, it’s just a piece of plastic connection, through wires and data and electric combination of trillions of movements my computer shows, the letter I intend to type. Of all these factors I have no control of the outcome. From the brain to the computer. I am helpless to the process.
All I can do is try and try I will.


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