"Shabbos 2019"

A lot of people discuss the specialty of Shabbos, which in truth must be discussed but, it’s also important to discuss what Shabbos is. God decided to create a world full of life and meaning and he implemented pain and suffering as a pushing mechanism to reach out to him. As all was said and done, and after he was done his creating making and man had been molded in his image, he had a problem. Life might just end up being just that, a culmination of struggles and pain and that’s what it will be. Of course, this is not the goal but the means to a goal of being in constant menucha in his essence and live with deep meaning and realness. So that’s what he did, he stopped all creation and made a time in time to be the goal of all this. A moment to stop, a moment to cash in, a moment to “relax”. This is the purpose of Shabbos, to be that “light at the end of the tunnel”, the week we struggle with relationships, work, health, marriage, love and pain. Shabbos is there to say, “this is where we are headed” and it’s going to be okay at the end. We need to feel this when entering this holy day, it’s not just the day, it’s us, it’s the world, and it’s Hashem.

Have a blessed Shabbos!


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