It’s a promiscuous world unfortunately, we have a surrounding of constant bombardment to follow our deepest desires and even creating new and deeper desires, which promises us more tranquility. What is the Torah approach, how does God want us to approach such a generation, what is the path of righteousness in this arena and how can we best walk it.

There are those who say that, we must fight and destroy the evil and there are those who say “what’s wrong with a little of this and a little of that”. Both are valid, in Shema, Hashem says to not go after you heart and after your eyes which you are going after. Its two parts, the reality of the desires within which Hashem created and then there is the straying after approach to these desires.

We love to feel good, we love to enjoy and have a grand time but, if it’s a “straying” and the mind is just a muscle to these feelings then we have become nothing more than our fellow animal. And become “as man and beast happen to the same death, and superiority of man is nothing”. We can become instinctual just as all the other living beings, or we can say that Hashem granted me with daas, with intellect, with a soul which doesn’t even belong on this planet and we utilize them which deep control and direction and the desires which Hashem implanted us with will become oh so great in the trail of this Godly path. We can chase or be chased, the choice is ours. “I have put in front of you, life or death, choose life!

Good Shabbos!


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