"The Battle"

When there is an actual war developing in the world, we take extreme notice at the strengths and weaknesses of each side, calculating the variations and obstacles. We as human beings are in a battle within ourselves, this battle is real, continuous and serious. Don’t ignore this beautiful existence, sooner or later we must come to grips with the components of ourselves which make up this battle. Every want and will within us, has negative connotations and positive connotations. For example, if you go to the mall and choose an item to purchase; say an Iphone charger, has purpose for your life and you wouldn’t buy it, if it didn’t. But, your life has other purposes besides the use of this item. I have demonstrated that any life action has the possibility to be channeled to a positive realm or a negative realm. (if this charger was not needed, it would become a burden for you to purchase it) Come get in the fight, enjoy the process but be attuned to the blows of heart and be ready to face it with warmness and contentment, like a warrior, trained and willing to battle at a moment’s notice.
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