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"Pesach 2019"

One child is screaming, the other nagging while the third is simply coloring; only the walls of the house are his coloring board. The cleaning supplies are scattered, brooms and strange looking mops with a smell that both includes bleach and dust. There is a state of chaos and it seems there is only more dysfunction ahead. Every year there are promises, long heartfelt promises, that this year, we will do it right. We will make a plan, even if we have to start by Chanukah. Ahh Pesach, that we all know so well. There are the parts which are cherished by all, the ma nishtana , the chol hamoad adventures, the spirit of the Seder night and family connections. And then there is the, cleaning of the air conditioning vents and the last minute cooking which has its own less desires moments. Pesach preparations puts the erev Shabbos hustle and bustle to shame. It begins the second Purim is over, and finishes somewhere in the omer ; a sort of month-like Fridays. It is understandably a tim