"Being Angel Like"

Oh what a wonderful day today is, we can again celebrate creation from the lowest levels, the earth, the grass, to the highest levels of creation; namely humans. We are in a middle ground, under us we have many different animals, beasts of the world. We have creations above us as well, the messengers of Hashem, the angels. We are at a crossroad, who do we become? Do we become like instinctive animals whose mere actions are based on a culmination of minute like responses, with no evaluations whatsoever. Or do we become like angels who’s ultimate actions are sourced to their creator, who’s every move is tapped into the gratitude of the one above, wisdom and warmth are their very nature as being God-like. Shabbos we can be those angels, human angels, our life can be painted as an honorable existence of God’s creation and we can feel the vitality of being in our true essence and home.

Shabbat Shalom!


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