"Working on it"

It may get confusing when we are confronted with multiple issues at once, and we might want to accomplish many or even all of these lofty thoughts but, we are restricted by are humanness. The Mishnah in Avos says, speak little and do a lot and is also discussing how we should act in general. We don’t have to do all we have in our minds as long as the doing is more than the discussion about the doing. We all have wonderful thoughts and so elevating at times, it can be overbearing to try to get them all done. At these crossroads, we can follow the Mishnah by doing more than these thoughts, in essence stop thinking and pick a thought and act on it and build a lifestyle with this mindset. Sometimes we get on a direction which has more action than thought, this is good but, remember without the thoughts behind these actions, we will begin to lack the essential heart that is needed of a God-fearing Jew.

Good Shabbos!


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