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"How to be Grateful"

We wake up in the morning grouchy, we roll out of bed unwillingly, we do some morning activities; shower, coffee, brush teeth in a rote like manner. And then we go about our day nonchalantly, pacing through at our own unique way in time. Whether its work related activity or non-work related or a passion or an errand, we become busy. Then the evening comes upon us and we dive right into that whether for the singles and their activities of entertainment or the relationships that have their chance to develop and prosper. Gratefulness is recognizing how amazing every move and nuance in our life is a gift. That you can be aware in your actual reality and how true wondrous it is. The fact that we wake up, the fact that we exist, the fact we have a home, the fact that we have teeth. If we stumble though our day without any awareness of these things then we can get to a place where nothing is enjoyable anymore. Who care about the home, who cares about the money I have, who cares about