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“What makes something beautiful?”

You stroll down that same street you always have, and you even do it with the same grace yet, there is that color on that particular tree that makes you stop in your tracks. Your heart might even open to its majestic light and warmth. Maybe an inspiration has entered your mind, is becoming a driving force for your growth today. What happened, that brought you do this moment of beauty in your day? Your mind found something great in the normalcy, your heart was opened deeper than it usually is. Maybe we can translate beauty; as a true source which comes to light at different times and states. Can we go so far as to say, that you can create more of these moments by choice, do you deal the cards at the beauty in your life? Can you be vulnerable enough to be willing to experience more of these inspirations? I know you can, in fact, I know you have done it before and you can tap into this energy whenever you choose. It can be when you are stuck in traffic and you just wave to the driver ne