Be Glorified - Summer 2021

 It's the search for the missing heart which leads us further in a decline, we have come far in our advances but, only now do we realize what we have forsaken. The amazing human mind and the limitless experience which can be unlocked. What can be done to restore our mind and heart? It must be simple and easy, for the will is weak, that is the will that comes from the mind in the first place. A good starting point is rest. True-uninterrupted rest to allow the wandering of thoughts and the openness of inner truth. It's rather subtle, so if you are harsh with the voice, it will be gone before you can take another look. I am talking about a world which needs to be honored and recognized. It's human of kind and Godly at closer look. Sacrifice time for the experience of true time, sacrifice energy for the experience of true energy. Don't be afraid of your evil, we have it too. Love yourself and love the Truth. Hate the lying in the self, ridden of it's foolish pain inflicted wounds. I know you have it in you to transform your living being, to be full and true, glowing and a Form of God in Man, the image of God needs to be obtained because of generational brokenness. In
 Avos it's said praiseworthy is the Man which knows he is an image of God, they are revealing secrets to you, for the image that's not experienced is not an image but rather a potential image, reveal it so that even angels get jealous of the Truth in you. 

Lets meet together both glorified by Hashem's Light, shining on each other and on to the entire world.


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