The Nature of Money

וַיַּחְמֹל֩ שָא֨וּל וְהָעָ֜ם עַל־אֲגָ֗ג וְעַל־מֵיטַ֣ב הַצֹּאן֩ וְהַבָּקָ֨ר

  וְהַמִּשנִ֤ים וְעַל־הַכָּרִים֙ וְעַל־כׇּל־הַטּ֔וֹב וְלֹ֥א אָב֖וּ הַחֲרִימָ֑ם וְכׇל־הַמְּלאכָ֛ה נְמִבְזָ֥ה וְנָמֵ֖ס אֹתָ֥הּ הֶחֱרִֽימוּ׃

Understanding money in a spiritual form is complex at nature for it's grinding and toiling even backbreaking work, leaving very little space for the grandauer needed for elevation into a deeper area. Let's take this simple verse from Shmuel 1, a famous idea which is the downfall of The King Saul, beginning from his compassion for the enemy. As the first word indicates a sense of compassion or pity formed onto Saul, the peculiar nature about this compassion is the entity receiving this compassion. It is not the Children or Woman for which normal Human compassion would prevail rather it's only the King Aggag, and the goodness of Animal stock that takes Saul grace. What does he destroy, only the "work". We find that anything with a price tag can be called work by God, as value is only relevant to the people willing to that value and how much in relation to their work. 

Back to the topic at hand. All the "work" was disgraced by Saul and destroyed, meaning that once he left God's command of destroying everything, when he does actually fulfill it, he is considered to be disgracing all the loot of Amalek, showing deep truth, when our motives are not God related then when we actually do what He wills, it can be considered a disgrace, especially in relation to destroying and affecting others. The Prophet Isiah records this when the sacrifices are far from God, they are even considered murder to the animals. 

Take this all in. When done right towards God, even those things that would be considered to be inhumane are Godly, like destroying Amalek, for there is a deep judgement on them that will not be fully understood by man. When done wrong, even if some of the act was right, then even destroying some monetary items of Amalek is a disgrace. 

To take this to us, assuming that this example is a little bit far from our daily lives. The cost for not intending in a Godly manner, may also be a form of destruction even if the actions are aligned with God. When done right, even all the critics will understand and be at your side when you triumph towards God with elegance and clarity. Remember it's not the harshness of following God's commands that will be judged by Man, it's your intention that will be justifiably judged. 

If we are being judged for eating meat, maybe it's our lack of grace and excessive indulgence without any true direction that is being judged. If we are being judged for Circumcising, maybe it's our distance from the true nature of our actions and our lack of compassion for the pain endured even while in-route to elevation and a higher state of Manhood. 

Ponder and Ponder, there is truth to be learned. 

Have a Great Shabbat!


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