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Caring for the Levite and Such

Caring for the Levite for he has no portion with you. This is a theme in the Torah, one that has deep truth to be explored. Who is the Levite He is the Chosen tribe of the Chosen People, he has been exalted in a very deep way, his body was shaven of all hair to inaugurate this process. We must honor the Levite and forsure the Priest. He is coupled with the poor man, for a very simple reason. Anyone that focuses on the deeper sense of life will be distracted from the foolish pursuits of this world.¹Take any Musician or Author or Rabbi or Street performer or some low wage workers (those who choose not to chase the gold, not those who are forced into it). They and many others will have hard times fitting physical needs into their life, because their life is beyond it. At the time of Temple, the Levites were a nation in their own right. Of course those who actually perform the beautiful melodies of the Temple and those who guard it should be supported but, this is not your average Levite

Don't be Played

The external forces around us are not in vain. The shopping malls, movie theaters, excess "food" and basically all things closed as the world chose what was important and what was not. They are expressions of Human beings, let's not take anything a Human, in the image of God does. Everything has its place, and everything is tied to some truth or another. Fast food became popular because we wanted the food without the glamour and we wanted it cheap. These are important things yet we have built a powerful force which grabs us for its price and pull. We can find it in ourselves to develop our sense of self in choosing. If it's price, search deeper, you will find all you need at a cheaper price. If it's the smell of oil, go to your grocer, take the finest olive oil and take in the trueness of what you are eating. If it's convenience, ask yourself what is more convenient, waiting online, waiting for it to be cooked, waiting to pay, waiting for a table, giving you

The Cycle Keeps Turning

How sweet is the summer spirit, splended to the harmony of human cycles. The southern wind, outdoor cooking, the delight in the plenty. God, the only one, the God of heaven and earth, is the creator of this cycle. A purposeful existence, this cycle enables us to recycle, to re-discover. The fabric of Humanity runs on cycles, the seasons, the years, the days, the individual age of people, the global age from beginning till now. Let's Grab this closer to our hearts, a sage was in conversation with a King who was questioning the change of Heart in God, specifically before and after the Great Flood. The analogy is all I want to show from the discourse, he asks the King, Do you have a son? Yes. Were you happy when he was born? Of course. Why? Do you not know that he will die one day? Listen to the nature of all of us, we will be happy at an event that will later cause us extreme sadness. No-one can escape this cycle, even those who deny all higher cause to this world are a part of this

Proper Judgement

  Proper judgement sounds like a court related idea, something distant from the simple man. An idea for the elite, the Priest or the Titled Individual and forsure not something necessary for the common person.  Let me give you another perspective which might enter your heart or at least lay on it for possible future understanding. One day I was preparing a Hot drink in the local synagogue, when I noticed the metal spoon was missing, it was taken or just misplaced, who knows! The very next day, a new metal spoon appeared only to be wired to the hot water machine so as to not have it misplaced again. This made mixing the drinks a harder ordeal as you are bound to the wiring to mix your drink. Let's understand this incident further, who caused the continuing discomfort of mixing future drinks? Was it the Manager of the station? Or was it the one responsible for misplacing or taking the metal spoon? Adding a wiring was just to prevent for what appears to be current action. Similar

The World of MOVEMENT

   It Happens so fast, we grow and develop, all of a sudden we have begun the cycle of movement that has forgotten Rest. It's scary to not have yourself, while others haven't noticed. Either way, our life is only now and it continues, it moves. What better way to combat all the movement, then to totally stop, to go inwards. We might have a chance at discovering a new dimension, one so spectaculair it would be hard to remember a time it wasn't. Take note my friends there is so much to uncover, belief is all you need. The rest will come when you give rest to the movements of life. Stop running, no one is in pursuit, it's just you and the big world around. Don't chase the money, don't chase the emotional movements, and don't even chase the special things like family and friends. All of this will not reveal the inner dimensions of life, only you and your mind will access this, and only when there is rest from the other things that take over. In deeper terms, onl