Caring for the Levite and Such

Caring for the Levite for he has no portion with you. This is a theme in the Torah, one that has deep truth to be explored.

Who is the Levite He is the Chosen tribe of the Chosen People, he has been exalted in a very deep way, his body was shaven of all hair to inaugurate this process. We must honor the Levite and forsure the Priest. He is coupled with the poor man, for a very simple reason. Anyone that focuses on the deeper sense of life will be distracted from the foolish pursuits of this world.¹Take any Musician or Author or Rabbi or Street performer or some low wage workers (those who choose not to chase the gold, not those who are forced into it). They and many others will have hard times fitting physical needs into their life, because their life is beyond it.

At the time of Temple, the Levites were a nation in their own right. Of course those who actually perform the beautiful melodies of the Temple and those who guard it should be supported but, this is not your average Levite for he is living scattered amongst the nation in twenty four cities, it's their lifestyle that becomes beggar-like. They don't buy property or conduct business, they live lofty lives, becoming distant from the physical needs. We need to care for them as we do the poor man, he must live a life like this for it keeps us as a nation well oiled connected to a deeper sense. Don't push your neighbor "Levite" to get a job. His work is keeping your world more deep and true, in you music, in you study, in your conversation. For when you hear an idea that sounded angle-like, it came from a Levite. So pay him his dues, because he definitely played yours.

¹Rambam Hilchot Shmita - Not only the tribe of Levi, but any person from among those who walk on earth whose spirit inspires him and whose mind leads him to the understanding to separate himself and stand before God, to attend to Him and serve Him, to know God and walk upright as God made him, and released from his shoulders the burden of many calculations that human beings pursue – such a person becomes very holy, and the Lord will be his share and portion forever and ever and grant him in this world that which suffices for him, just as He granted to the kohanim [and] Levi'im.”


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