Don't be Played

The external forces around us are not in vain. The shopping malls, movie theaters, excess "food" and basically all things closed as the world chose what was important and what was not.

They are expressions of Human beings, let's not take anything a Human, in the image of God does. Everything has its place, and everything is tied to some truth or another. Fast food became popular because we wanted the food without the glamour and we wanted it cheap. These are important things yet we have built a powerful force which grabs us for its price and pull.

We can find it in ourselves to develop our sense of self in choosing.

If it's price, search deeper, you will find all you need at a cheaper price. If it's the smell of oil, go to your grocer, take the finest olive oil and take in the trueness of what you are eating. If it's convenience, ask yourself what is more convenient, waiting online, waiting for it to be cooked, waiting to pay, waiting for a table, giving you all you need. If it's getting out, there are plenty of parks to bring your food for the sake of getting out. If it's the overall experience of eating out, the lights, the aroma, is it true? Is that your true experience, or are you convinced that? Take the time to pay attention as you go out, take in all the details, is this a special experience, or are you motivated to say that because of other components discussed previously or maybe you are getting the connection you need, which the restaurant is not providing at all, you can have that whenever you want, build better connections by not being forced to sit for food in order to connect, unbiased to money and glamour. Connection is something soft in the heart, anything other than that is distracting you to your true goal.

You are a Human being, don't be played. Use your mind and heart to find the deeper truth. And while you are there, see if you can see something beyond us, a higher power, someone invested in you. God.


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