The World of MOVEMENT

  It Happens so fast, we grow and develop, all of a sudden we have begun the cycle of movement that has forgotten Rest. It's scary to not have yourself, while others haven't noticed. Either way, our life is only now and it continues, it moves. What better way to combat all the movement, then to totally stop, to go inwards. We might have a chance at discovering a new dimension, one so spectaculair it would be hard to remember a time it wasn't. Take note my friends there is so much to uncover, belief is all you need. The rest will come when you give rest to the movements of life. Stop running, no one is in pursuit, it's just you and the big world around. Don't chase the money, don't chase the emotional movements, and don't even chase the special things like family and friends. All of this will not reveal the inner dimensions of life, only you and your mind will access this, and only when there is rest from the other things that take over. In deeper terms, only one at a time and space to create, in more broad terms, Focus and Letting Go is the recipe for inner life. Focus on not focusing and you will have found a space available to do more focusing then you ever thought. You might be at the Grocer waiting in line like everyone else, but your world is one of truth and splendour because this is an opportunity to explore some new way, new direction. Rest and Move, just don't do either or neither. I wish you the best!


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