Proper Judgement


Proper judgement sounds like a court related idea, something distant from the simple man. An idea for the elite, the Priest or the Titled Individual and forsure not something necessary for the common person. 

Let me give you another perspective which might enter your heart or at least lay on it for possible future understanding. One day I was preparing a Hot drink in the local synagogue, when I noticed the metal spoon was missing, it was taken or just misplaced, who knows! The very next day, a new metal spoon appeared only to be wired to the hot water machine so as to not have it misplaced again. This made mixing the drinks a harder ordeal as you are bound to the wiring to mix your drink. Let's understand this incident further, who caused the continuing discomfort of mixing future drinks? Was it the Manager of the station? Or was it the one responsible for misplacing or taking the metal spoon? Adding a wiring was just to prevent for what appears to be current action. Similar, you will find that where bikes are stolen more frequently, chains are more in action. When there is more crime, there is more police. When there is hijacking of planes, there is more security in airports. When there is more online threats, there is more protection. We create our atmosphere, when we wrong each other we build a more hostile world. We cannot even confront people anymore for the danger of an unjust reaction. We hold anger but, cannot reveal it for the fear of reactions that are way beyond our confrontation. It is not a coincidence that when our motives in the sexual department are selfish and cheap, relationships take a huge hit. 

I am speaking of a darker side to things, my only goal is to get you to begin your own understanding of the chain of things. In this way develop your Judgement that is rooted in clear precise truth of the soul, which will be one step to a world of more warm connections. 


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